moveUP is an integrated data & recovery solution for knee and hip arthroplasties

Joint arthroplasty has evolved from a complex to a routine procedure.

Despite this, there is still a high variability in patient outcome, unplanned visits and readmissions.

moveUP transforms the recovery process into a fully personalised and evidence-based journey by intelligent use of objective and subjective data

Surgeon journey - circle
Surgeon journey - ellipse

moveUP offers a wide range of benefits for the healthcare provider

Less variability, better outcome

Automated collection of pre and post PROMs, 24/7 monitoring and coaching give insight and control on clinical and functional evolution of patients

Less unplanned visits

Wounds, swelling, ROM and medication are regularly checked. Patient can ask questions, send pictures or videos at any time, allowing early detection and prevention of complication

Get alerted for real problems

According to an agreed protocol, moveUP refers the patient to a general practictionner or the treating surgeon in case of an adverse event

Real world evidence shows positive results

  Standard of care* moveUP
Readmission Rate 5-10% 1.5%
Unplanned consultations 10-20% 3.8%
Chronic post-surgical pain 15-30% 0

Overall adherence 85%

92% patient statisfaction